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How Ask Find Buy can grow your business .

Following is a simple step by step description of how Ask Find Buy brings buyers to your business.

1. A customer enters what they want to buy into Ask Find Buy. The Ask Find Buy interface is similar to a search engine in look and feel. Buyers have nothing new to learn. They can describe what they want in natural language, not search terms.

2. Ask Find Buy now matches these customers to you based on Criteria, Keywords and Location. If the customer is a match Ask Find Buy sends you (via Email) the entire request. You get to see exactly what the customer wants to buy, this is FREE of charge.

3. After you have read the customer's enquiry and you are sure you can assist them, you can purchase the customers contact details by clicking on the link in the email. This costs only $0.80 and the entire enquiry including the customer's contact details are sent to you.

Ask Find Buy seller accounts act as filters channeling the highest quality sales leads to you based on criteria set by you. You can have as many criteria as you wish and in each criteria can have as many keywords as you want.

There are many benefits to Ask Find Buy beyond sales leads. Ask Find Buy gives you marketing data based on keywords, categories and locations. This is all free and is available at any time through your Ask Find Buy seller's account.

There are no annual fees, no joining fees and no on going fees. You only pay for the leads you purchase. Everything else is free. Your purchases are calculated once a month and billed to the credit card you nominate while establishing your account.
If you have any questions please us the contact us link at the bottom of this page. Otherwise Create a Seller Account NOW.

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