Using Ask Find Buy is the risk free way of generating sales leads
  • Better than Pay Per Click

    Ask Find Buy sends you customer enquiries based on keywords and critierias you create at NO cost. This matching service is abolsutely FREE. Once you have reviewed the customer request you click on a link in the email and we send you their contact details. You only pay for the contact details of customers you know you can help. Unlike Pay Per Click when you are paying for visitors. Why pay for people to browse, when you can contact customers.

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  • Browser Compatible

    Ask Find Buy is compatible will all modern browsers.

    Ask Find Buy is also mobile compatible so customers can find you no matter where that are, no matter what device they are using.

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  • You only pay for customers after you have seen what they want.

    We send you the full customer request. You access if you can help them. This is all FREE. When you want to contact them, click on a link and we send you the contact details. It is risk free and simple to set up.

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  • No risk, No cost to recieve leads.

    You only pay for the customers contact details. The price is stated in every email. The current maximum price is $0.90.

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  • You have complete control.

    The leads we send you are based on criteria and keywords you create. You can also include post code information to target local customers.

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  • Analytics also FREE.

    You get access to the suite of Ask Find Buy analytics. There are reports that give you data based on what criteria and postcode have been getting matches. You can use this in your marketing to better target you advertising.

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Generating Customers

We all know the concept of the sales funnel where customers are funnelled from “Just looking” down to “Purchasing”. Using Ask Find Buy your first contact with a customer is way down the funnel. You get a full description of what the customer wants, when they want to buy and where they are located. You get all this sent to you free of charge. READ MORE

Free Analytics

Customers tell Ask Find Buy where they live and what they want to buy. Using this data we match customers to criteria you set up in your account. From there we can tell you what Criteria are getting the most matches. We give you charts, tables and percentages, it makes trends and hotspots jump out. READ MORE


Ask Find Buy supplies registered business with resources such as our blog, podcast and other material. This is supplied as an information repository that you can access at any time. This is all free for just registering with Ask Find Buy. READ MORE


Ask Find Buy is one of the only lead generation services that acts as a personal shopping service for your customers. We bring you and your customers together in a way never seen before.


Ask Find Buy gives you complete control over what sort of leads you get. You have control over the defining your local area and the types of leads you get.

24/7 Support

We have a huge number of tools to make the Ask Find Buy experience great. We also support you with an email helpdesk.


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  • We design great websites, but we still advise customer register with Ask Find Buy.

    Jacaranda Creative
  • We have been using Ask Find Buy since it started. We are still amazed at how fast customer leads are sent to us.

    Front Runner Learning Centres
  • Great way of getting customers. If you have a special service to offer it is a must.

    Life and Time Video


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