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You have complete control over all aspects of your Ask Find Buy account, including which customers you contact, as well as which customers we send you.

Ask Find Buy uses a three tiered system to filter customer requests making sure that only the highest quality customers are sent to you. This way we save you time as well as money.

How does it work? You establish Criteria that contain the categories, keywords and areas you want to sell in. By using these we filter requests as they are entered into Ask Find Buy and send you the best customers.

Here is an example of just how simple it is.

You login to your account and click on the “Criteria and Keywords” section. You then create a Criteria. You select a first level category; you select a second level category. You enter the keywords you want associated with that category. That is it, all done. We can start sending you customers based on that criteria.

You can have as many criteria as you want. We suggest that you have multiple criteria based on products or product types giving you even more control and better analytics. By adjusting your keywords and turning criteria on and off you can fine tune the customers we send you.

You can login at any time and make as many adjustments as you want. You can even specify that a criteria specialises in on-line sales rather than a physical location.

If you are busy and don’t want to receive sales leads. Just login and suspend your criteria. When you want to receive customer requests again, just turn them back on. You can turn on and off one or all your criteria as it suits you and your business.

You also have more control over how much you spend. You get to read the customer enquiry in full before you purchase the customers contact details. You can review as many customers as you like and it costs you nothing. When that one red hot lead turns up in your inbox, click on the link and purchase the customers contact details.

This is a great way of getting highly targeted customers – Register Now. Register Now.


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