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You only pay for a customer once you know what they want. That is the ultimate risk free sales lead. You get to read what the customers have written; you see their location and the categories they have chosen.

This is the best way to get new customers. You don’t have to create a webpage which tries to answer every possible question. These types of pages can be confusing and stop customers from reading.

In some cases customers aren’t even sure what product they want. They know the problem and the sort of solution that would work. But they want to talk to someone that can give them the final piece in the puzzle so they can buy. Ask Find Buy is the perfect solution in these situations. Customers come to Ask Find Buy and describe what they need. We send this request to you so you become the final piece of the puzzle.

Here is the process:
1) The customer enters what they want into Ask Find Buy.
2) We match this customer to your criteria and keywords.
3) We send you an email containing all the details from the request.
4) You read what the customer has written, the area they live in and know you can make a sale.
5) You click on the link in the email to purchase the customers contact details.
6) Ask Find Buy sends you the customer request again, this time with the customers contact details.

We add the purchase to your account. The current maximum price for a customers contact details is $0.90. For less than a dollar you get a fully qualified sales lead reviewed and chosen by you. To get access to the Ask Find Buy service you have to create an Ask Find Buy account, which is completely free. – Register Now.


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  • We design great websites, but we still advise customer register with Ask Find Buy.

    Jacaranda Creative
  • We have been using Ask Find Buy since it started. We are still amazed at how fast customer leads are sent to us.

    Front Runner Learning Centres
  • Great way of getting customers. If you have a special service to offer it is a must.

    Life and Time Video


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