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Better than Pay Per Click

We know saying Ask Find Buy is better than Pay Per Click is a big claim. Pay Per Click is the lifeblood of advertising on the Internet. The reason we believe Ask Find Buy is better than Pay Per Click is that you decide who is worth paying for.

With Pay Per Click you bid to get ranked for some particular words. So when someone browsing the Internet searches on one of your words you get displayed. You have a limited number of characters to get your message across and you have the exact same format as everyone else. If the person clicks on your link you get charged whatever you have bid for that word. You have no real competitive advantage. You don’t think that sounds that great? We don’t think so either.

Pay Per Click is also a process that can cost more as time goes on. You have to bid more and more as words become more competitive. You could end up paying over $20 per click, this is conservative in some sectors. Clicks can range from under a one dollar to hundreds of dollars per click. The price is set by how much you are willing to pay for the click.

With Pay Per Click you set your daily spend. Once you have reached this, your competitors get your customers. So you have to spend more and more to guarantee traffic.

Now for the hard part, converting clicks to sales. Just because someone lands on your site doesn’t mean they are immediately going to buy. You have to produce a page that drives them to convert into a customer. If you are converting 1 in 5 customers, that sale has just cost you $100.00 just in clicks.

Imagine how many more sales you would make if you got to talk to the customer rather than just sending them to a web page and hoping they buy.

This is how Ask Find Buy works. Customers enter what they are looking for in detail. This goes to you as well as when they want to buy and where they live. You can now start a meaningful conversation.

Best of all, you get to see this detail for free. It does not cost a cent to see what customers are requesting, we send it straight to your inbox free of charge.

So how does Ask Find Buy make money?

After you have decided you can help the customer and you want to contact them, you click on a link in the email. Once you click on the link we send you the customer request again this time with the customers contact details included. It is that simple. Only when you click on this link are you charged a fee for the contact details, everything else is free.

So while your competitors are bidding higher and higher to attract browsers to their website. You will be receiving highly qualified sales leads including what the customer is after in detail.

Best of all it costs nothing to register, there are no subscription fees or ongoing costs. You only pay for the customers you want to contact.

What does it cost?

Each lead has the price clearly stated. This can be from $0.00 to $0.90. That’s right the current maximum price is $0.90. For less than $1 you get a highly qualified customer. If we stay with the figures from before, you would be able to contact 111 customers using Ask Find Buy for what five clicks cost you using Pay Per Click. If you had the same success as the web page you would have made 22 sales. That is why we believe that Ask Find Buy is better than Pay Per Click. – Register Now.


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