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Customers use
Ask Find Buy to find you.

Ask Find Buy is the easiest way for customers to find your business.
You can create your Ask Find Buy account by clicking on the “Register Now” link.This takes you to a registration page where you fill out basic information about what you do.

There are some categories and a few keywords to choose and you are finished.

Don't worry about getting it 100% correct as you have full access to an admin system where you can add as many categories and keywords as you like. You also get access to a suite of tools and analytics that will help your marketing outside Ask Find Buy.

We can now match customer requests with your account and send these customer requests straight to your inbox; it's that simple. So what does it cost?

Registering is free, so are the matching and the customer requests we send you. You get to see exactly what the customer has requested, when they want to buy and where they are from. Once you are sure you can assist the customer you click on a link in the email and we send you the customer's contact details (including the matched request). The customers contact details only cost $0.90. That's right, for less than a dollar you get to approach your customer knowing that you are able to help them. This beats other forms of internet advertising hands down. This is a completely risk free. Register Now.

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